Friday, 19 January 2007

Forbidden Love

training stats
fr 01/19: gym 2 hrs
th 01/18: doc
we 01/17: gym 1 hr, treadmill 5 K

For an injured runner running is like a forbidden love. You know it will harm you. But you do it. You know it will be even worse afterwards. But you do it.

There is no real choice. Love is made by feeling not by thinking. You get advice, you have your own bad experiences. All the same you still do it. And again.
The desperate attempt on the treadmill did not show any improvement. The knee brace seemed to put too much pressure on the knee cap, so I took it off. Only with a number of stops and walking I was able to complete 5 K. And it was worse afterwards ...

I tried to set up a schedule for building up the mileage until the London Marathon, starting mid of February when I will be back from a holiday on the Canary Islands. Suddenly I had to realise how little time is left. It is the third time in a row that my London start is in danger. The previous two cases were successfull by a narrow escape. This time it will get very close ...

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