Tuesday, 6 March 2007


training stats
Tu 06/03: easy jog, 8K, 47 min

Su 04/03: easy jog, 5K, 30 min

Went to another casting this morning. Meaning: I got a new cast again. The doc raised my hopes as he promised I would get "something nicer".

Alright, it is a plastic one now and it is much lighter and more slender. But it is much harder, too. I am no longer able to do most of the ordinary moves, even typewriting is very difficult. I think I will have to prepare it to give me more space.

At least the cast forces a perfect running style. Experts advise to hold the arms bended by a 90° angle. That is what my cast ensures.

The very best news is that I managed to follow my running schedule without any complaining by the knee so far. Next test takes place on Thursday. Just Arrive 2007 schedule

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