Sunday, 11 March 2007

Phoenix rising?

training stats
Su 11/03: decent run, 14.5K, 1:23 hrs
week's total: 33K

Is this the start of my come back?

There are those days when you wish to stop your watch to hold the moment forever. Today it was a perfect day like early spring with clear air and warm sunshine.

Coming back after a forced rest of more than 2 months caused a feeling of happiness which made be beaming and cheering along the two laps around the local Lake Hengstey (wiki photo). The compliant knee and the fine weather, the most beautiful lady I know running alongside me: No wonder, that my mood raised to forgotten heights. Even the heart felt like being nearly repaired, certainly leaving a noticeable scar, but this is what life does to us, doesn't it?

To get back to reality: I still place the helpful ice bag onto the knee frequently, but this only as a precaution. Injections are finished so far, but I continue throwing in Glucosamine pills.

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