Sunday, 18 March 2007

Runs and Thoughts

training stats
Su 18/03: medium run, 14.5K, 1:21 hrs
Sa 17/03: indoor biking, 60min
week's total: 41K

I still stick to flat routes to take care of the knee. Therefore it was out of question to join the Sunday group where fellow runners always do a strenuous hilly workout. I thought about running with the field of today's Railway Halfmarathon in Hattingen, but there I would come across somebody I would prefer not to meet. I also had the feeling it would be best to run on my own today and get thoughts sorted.

So I turned to another local reservoir, Lake Harkort (photo: Wiki), for a prolonged lap along its banks. A familiar surrounding from bike tours but never before I ran this route.

The weather was dreadful, pouring rain and strong westerly winds. I met only dedicated sports people en route, just runners and a lot of scullers of the local rowing club. Second Wiki-photo: The moated castle of Werdringen is a nice spot I passed after 8K.

When I reached the car park after 1:21 hrs and almost 15K, there was no dry square inch left on me. A really enjoyable run, honestly.

Wonder about my thoughts sorted while running?
Last year I felt really fine with my way of living. Certainly there are always things we more or less miss. Happiness is always a matter of moments, not of life. It might be the better way to concentrate on what you love to do. And check carefully before allowing sudden changes to your life. Just pick out what is best for you and don't expect too much of yourself and others. - Well, that's the theory! You might have recognised that I am that kind of men who always go for the full Monty. However, early pension is the perfect time to learn from scratch.

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