Friday, 30 March 2007

Off to Berlin

training stats
Th 29/03: easy jog, 12K, 1:17 hrs

Tu 27/03: slow run, 7.5K, 0:46 hrs

After the short run on Tuesday I decided to go for the half marathon in Berlin, booked a hotel and asked my son who lives in Berlin to get a late entry number for me what he successfully did yesterday. I'll take my mum with me as she is keen to see her grandson again after a long time. She has collected three big packing cases full of household contents he might not totally be pleased to receive tomorrow.

Photo 2006: Venue of the Halfmarathon Finish in front
of Berlin Cathedral (on the day after the race)

My target is to finish inside 1:40 hrs what is the qualifying time of my age group for the New York City Marathon. I doubt that I am already capable to keep the necessary speed of 7:35 min/mile but I will try as long as possible and then we'll see.

Formally I could still rely on my qualifying run of last year (1:36) but I claimed this one successfully once and I don't think the organisers will accept it a second time.

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