Thursday, 15 March 2007

Unexpected Meeting

training stats
Th 15/03: sunny run, 17K, 1:34 hrs

A medium 12k run was scheduled for today. Usually I prefer to roam the local woods but I wanted to relieve the knee and decided to run along the local Lake Kemnade, a popular place with a flat tarmacced 10-12K lap along its shores (photo: Wiki).

I took a different car park than usual and started into the other direction just because I wanted to avoid to be reminded too much on Tuesday's dreadful run.

Surprisingly after 30 minutes of jogging I came across someBody unexpected - the lady I might have mentioned before. She had just started her long run and - next surprise - did not refuse to be accompanied. No question I turned and stayed for one lap at her side while she concentrated on her ipod and kept a remarkable speed, having in mind that she was on course for 30K. The result for me was that my workout got a bit longer than planned but the knee did not complain, so I felt fine and will think about shortening the Sunday run instead.

You see - life is still exciting.

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