Friday, 23 March 2007

Happy English Way of Life

training stats
Fr 23/03: medium run, 14K, 1:19 hrs

Short quotation of the Landmark Trust's recent newsletter :

"It was with great sadness that we learnt of Sir John Smith's death on 28 February 2007."

This single sentence keenly reminds me that I love Britain and the English language and the British way of life. I very much look forward to crossing the Channel and feeling coming home again. The London Marathon will help for a while but the real come back I hope to experience when I will visit the Lake District in June. It is my favourite English destination and although I have already climbed every peak higher than 2000 feet (between 1992 and 1996, there are 165) I would love to see every place again.

Reading this you might recognise that my heart seems to be repaired totally. It is amazing how changable life can be even when you have left those years most will regard as the most livable.

As I got rid of the plaster earlier than planned I am going to change my training schedule and try a long run on next Sunday. Several parts of my body are hurting - the arm of course, but also the forefoot and the fit knee - but I will try to do a long run - some distance beyond 25K.

European champion Ulrike Maisch told that she wasn't able to run longer than 15K but she still hopes to run the Hamburg Marathon on April 29. She is motivating me, too.

I just want to report that U has successfully finished his 230K long distance run along the river Ruhr. This is his finish photo at the meeting of Ruhr and Rhine:

German readers might enjoy to read the full report.

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